So Aden Sank to Grief

I've Come to Talk With You Again

Episode 4

"And Mael went out from the presence of SOL, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the north of Aden." -Carmina Solis Invicti, Nativus 4:16

On the 20th of Dithean,  Conrad and Reinhold, now friends, investigate rumors of an eccentric hiring guards for an expidition to the unmapped north. They find the wizard Mael at the Lavender Hotel, and agree to accompany him as guards. They travel north by wagon, attempting to find the lost kingdom of Nod. Mael discovers that Conrad's crab can be made to show their way when exposed to his blood. He does not explain how or why this works.

On the morning of the 21st, the party enters the Wild North and encounters a satyr at a hut. The satyr greets them in Sylvan, which only Mael understands. The satyr gifts them with a bottle of enchanted wine. The party drink the wine, and Conrad and Mael fall asleep. When Conrad awakens at midday, he and Reinhold have a brief and wordless altercation with the satyr, who is displeased that Conrad attempted to enter his hut; however, the satyr refuses the return of the enchanted wine. With Mael still asleep, they set off to the northeast.

Before dawn on the 22nd, the party are beset by a pack of four wolves, of whom two appear intelligent. Reinhold puts the two unintelligent wolves to sleep, and defuses the confrontation with the intelligent wolves. In return for being left alone, Conrad gives the wolves the enchanted wine, and Reinhold releases the wolves from his sleep spell.

On the 24th, the party reach Nod, which is in the middle of the Festival of Silence. They make noise at a local village, and are reprimanded by blank-masked guards. After agreeing to be silent, a guard awakens Mael from his magical sleep, and leave the party. The party stop at a local house where they are silently treated to pastries and wine. The party leave for the capital, traveling by road along the river. They are greeted by Zhnemarakok and given guest rooms in the Bledvor.

On the 25th, the party is granted an audience with Queen Zhedevedaya, using a spell cast by Mael to communicate in their language. The Queen allows them to return to Brill by boat, but only if they accept a curse that prevents them from speaking about Nod. The party accepts. Mael elects to remain in Nod, paying Reinhold and Conrad for their service. Conrad and Reinhold return to Brill overnight.

Conrad and Reinhold earned 375 exp each, for a party total of 750 exp earned this session. Reinhold advanced to level 2.

Party EXP level exp to next level
Cadoc 1 150 150
Cameron 3 1020 1680
Conrad 3 1395 1305
Reinhold 2 375 525



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