So Aden Sank to Grief

Sea Shanties (Are All We Can Afford Now)

Episode 3

There is no frigate like a dolt
To take us cross the bay,
Nor any courser like a slave
Of prancing gallantry -
This traverse should the heroes take,
Beware oppress of toll -
How frugal is a pirate grieved
Who mourns a kindred soul.

On the 17th of Dithean,  Cameron and Conrad rest. Conrad stores a considerable portion of his newfound wealth in the vaults of the Temple of Blegoradd. That night, Cameron has a vision in his dreams.

On the 18th of Dithean,  Conrad takes  Cameron with him on his ship to cross Boveney Bay in search of a witch of Sybele. They are attacked by pirates on a black ship, who attempt to set fire to Conrad's ship. Conrad deliberately capsizes his ship to put out the fire. After righting the ship, they are beset by four pirates who attempt to board, covered by Burly the Pirate with a longbow from the black ship. Cameron and Conrad take the strategic decision to abandon ship and swim over to the black ship, undetected. There, they fight the rest of the pirate crew, killing Burly the Pirate. Cameron nearly dies in the process. Am-arani, the first mate, calls a truce and requests Cameron or Conrad to become their new captain. They decline, and pay the pirates half of their silver as weregild for the death of Burly. In exchange, they return Conrad's ship to him.

Conrad and Cameron sail to Snake's Fang, arriving at nightfall. They make camp on the beach. On the morning of the 19th, they are awoken by the fetid witch of Sybele. They ask the witch for Sybele's answer to the question they asked of the crow witch. The fetid witch replies that they have already received their answer, and warns them not to pester Sybele. Cameron and Conrad decline to ask Sybele another question. The two hastily set sail and return to Brill late that morning.

Cameron and Conrad each earned a dope 420 exp, for a party total of 840. Cameron and Conrad advanced to level three.

Party EXP level exp to next level
Cadoc 1 150 150
Cameron 3 1020 1680
Conrad 3 1020 1680



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