So Aden Sank to Grief

"A Young Woman, You Might Say?"

Episode 2

The witch took Cameron's hand in her own, her fingers as cold as death. A pair of amber eyes looked through him.
"A young woman will appear to you. Follow her lead, for she will not lie but she will lead you to what you seek."
The crow on her shoulder cawed, and a smile formed on the witch's moon-white face. "Oh, and your lucky color is green. Five nobles for the reading."

On the 15th of Dithean, at dawn Cadoc,  Cameron, and Conrad return to Brill in Conrad's sloop. Cameron returns to the Clapwell residence, avoiding the Lavender Hotel. Conrad consults Gremory, his contact in Brill, regarding the witches of Sybele; he learns of three, one of whom appears behind the Sleeping Horse tavern at night each quarter moon. Conrad meets with a fence, but must flee when an imperial guard closes in. He escapes, but the fence is now out of business. Cameron and Conrad rendezvous at the Sleeping Horse at night. Following a crow hopping along the fence, they are lead to a witch of Sybele. They ask the witch a question about the Geometricists. In exchange for a promised answer, they are asked to prevent a marriage involving Lady Serenelle. Cameron also has his fortune told. The two go to a fashionable tavern, and Conrad loses at dice while fishing for rumors. There, he meets Cinaeth of Calaimoir, an affluent youth.

On the 16th of Dithean, Cameron invests in a new green cloak. He has an audience with Lady Nerys, and agrees to take Lady Serenelle in secret to Witches Fen , leaving her in the care of the hedge wizard Coriolana. At night, Cameron and Conrad meet the Lady's butler Jacques, and take Lady Serenelle into their custody. She drives them in a wagon towards Witches Fen, going off route to stop at a hill with a lone giant oak tree. The three fight an immature owlbear, and Lady Serenelle retrieves a clutch of giant eagle eggs. They continue to Witch's Fen, Conrad now driving. There they meet the hedge wizard Coriolana, who examines and manages to activate Conrad's crab. Cameron and Conrad return to Brill.

Cameron and Conrad earned 450 exp each, for a party total of 900 exp earned this session. Cameron and Conrad advanced to second level.

Party EXP level exp to next level
Cadoc 1 150 150
Cameron 2 600 300
Conrad 2 600 300



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