So Aden Sank to Grief


Episode 1

The sun rises over the coast to the west. To the southwest, Brill's lighthouse is aglow above a sleeping town. That's where they're going; that's they should be. But a warm bed in a busy town is not a comfort when you know someone is watching you.

On the fourteenth of Dithean, Cadoc asks The Concierge of the Lavender Hotel about the Geometricists. He also has his blade sharpened by a blacksmith. Cameron, meanwhile, argues with The Concierge, and is offered a refund conditional on a free night's stay. That night, both retire to their rooms at the Hotel. Cadoc is given a potion by The Concierge, instructed to drink it before bed, and warned of the corner room. Cameron, in his room, is knocked out by force.

Cameron and Cadoc awake in an unfamiliar cabin on a precarious cliff, with a note from the Geometricists instructing them to reclaim a book of secrets. They enter a mansion carved into the cliff wall, where they meet Conrad. Cadoc takes a book in Geometricist code, and Conrad lifts some valuables from a bedroom. They navigate the caves to a cargo elevator, down which they escape to Conrad's sloop. They sail back to Brill and arrive at dawn.

Cadoc, Cameron, and Conrad each earned 150 exp, for a party total of 450 exp earned this session.

Party EXP level exp to next level
Cadoc 1 150 150
Cameron 1 150 150
Conrad 1 150 150



christophermiguelmar christophermiguelmar

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