So Aden Sank to Grief

Prisoner Dilemma

Episode 11

On the night of the twelfth of Erelithe, Cameron, Conrad, Cosmo, and Reinhold decide to assist Lady Serenelle rescue Coriolana from an orcish encampment in a cave system in a hill. Conrad and Cosmo enter to scout out the encampment in order to locate the prison. Near the entrance they encounter two orcish guards, and Cosmo disguises himself as an orc in order to trick them into believing that he is a comrade taking Conrad to the prison. They continue to an intersection with an illusionary rock wall. Cosmo disbelieves the illusion and discovers that it is a wall of flesh; he prods it with a knife and finds that it easily slices the surface, releasing a viscous liquid. They later discover this was the wall of a giant centipede egg sack. Conrad continues to believe it is just a rock wall. They discover Coriolana in a prison on the next level and head back to the entrance. Conrad hides within the cave while Cosmo returns to camp. Two orcish guards pass Conrad on the way to the entrance but do not see him.

The rest of the party returns to the encampment and, reunited with Conrad, fight the now-four guards at the entrance. Immediately afterwards they are beset by eight giant centipede hatchlings from the earlier egg sack. They descend towards the prison, but are caught between two groups of orcs coming from above and below, totaling twelve orcs including two magicians. They defeat the orcs and reach the prison, where they find Coriolana guarded by a naked Kolkhang the Accursed. While the party talks to Kolkhang, Conrad sneaks behind to release Corialana; she escapes, but Kolkhang catches Conrad and knocks him unconscious. Kolkhang demands the return of Coriolana in exchange for Conrad's release; the party disguises Lady Serenelle as Coriolana and have her take her place.

The party returns to the surface for a short rest to give Coriolana time to study from her spellbook, newly returned by Reinhold and Conrad. They return to the caves. Conrad knocks on Kolkhang's door and sneaks past as Kolkhang runs to engage the party. Conrad releases Lady Serenelle from Kolkhang's room while the rest of the party traps the ramp on which they fought earlier. Kolkhang engages the rest of the party, undaunted by their traps; at length Kolkhang is slain.


christophermiguelmar christophermiguelmar

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