So Aden Sank to Grief

"Shut Up, Merrick"

Episode 6

"Yes, sir."

On the first of Erelithe, Cameron enters Brill in disguise. Cadoc encounters Cameron and Reinhold at the Sleeping Horse tavern. He recruits them to assist in delivering the Geometricists' book to Rhyfeldy. Finding the hill defended by guards, they bluff and bribe their way into the basement of an old woman and take apart one of the basement walls, hoping to find an entrance to catacombs under the temple. They find no such entrance, and hastily reconstruct the wall.

On a street near Rhyfeldy, Cadoc pretends to assault Cameron, who pretends to be a nobleman. Two guards attempt to arrest Cadoc, following him and Cameron into an alley. Reinhold arrives and puts the guards to sleep magically. As they finish binding the guards, two more arrive and attack the party. They, too, are defeated and put unconscious. Cadoc instructs Cameron and Reinhold to scout out the base of Rhyfeldy, and he murders the four guards after they leave.

Having cleared the way, the party carefully climbs Rhyfeldy, finding at the top an empty pedestal with a Geometricist symbol on top. Cadoc places the book on the pedestal, and the party elude the guards as they leave Rhyfeldy. They hear an unseen person on the hill with them as they depart. Cameron, in disguise, attempts to leave town. When stopped by guards at the gate, he makes a suspicious joke and is detained. He flees into the forest.

On the second of Erelithe, Cadoc wakes to find a crude map to the vicinity of Roscommon, where Garamona might be found. Cadoc hires a desperate, stoic mercenary named Merrick and meets Reinhold at his residence. They find that Cadoc, Reinhold, and Cameron's two false identities are wanted for murder. They intimidate a guard at the gates into letting them go and head along the road to Roscommon.

Meanwhile, Roscommon has been destroyed, and its residents flee along the road. They run into the party, who learn that supposed fire demons burned the village down. They investigate the charred remains of the village, braving the smoke and fire. In the village, they find several human, halfling, and goblin corpses. They defeat two amorphous elemental creatures, one of magma and one of smoke.

The party departs to the south, heading towards the hills where they believe Garamona can be found. They encounter two of the smoke monsters, who summon five more. Cadoc and Merrick fall unconscious, and Reinhold runs out of magical power. As the party nears defeat, Cameron, having heard of the destruction of Roscommon, arrives. The party defeats the smoke monsters.

After a short rest, Cameron scouts out a hill to the south of Roscommon, finding there a circle of standing stones encircling a portal. Cameron calls up the rest of the party, and they attempt to topple the portal. Their attempt awakens a stone statue carved out of one of the standing stones, which defends the portal. The party finds that leaving the standing stones causes the statue to stop being animated and hostile. They tie a rope around the statue, several standing stones, and the portal. This prevents the statue from attacking when it is animated. The party destroys the portal. They tell the imperial guards at a checkpoint near Roscommon of their deeds, and return to Cameron's cabin in the forest near Brill. Merrick leaves the party. He tries to stalk the party to Cameron's cabin, but loses their trail.

Cadoc, Cameron, and Reinhold each earned 675 exp, for a party total of 2025 exp earned this session. Cadoc and Reinhold advance to level 3.

Party EXP level exp to next level
Cadoc 3 975 1725
Cameron 3 1695 1005
Conrad 3 1845 855
Reinhold 3 1500 1200


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