So Aden Sank to Grief


Episode 7

On the fourth of Erelithe, a great storm comes to Boveney-Brill, delaying Cameron, Cadoc, and Reinhold at Cameron's cabin. The next day, before the sky clears, they set out for Roscommon. Along the way, they find some exotic flowers which Cadoc believes to be corpse flowers; they skillfully cross a flooded bridge; and they head along the road, taking them past the guard station they visited previously.

When they reach the guard station, they find that it has been attacked and ransacked by goblins. All guards and one goblin lie dead; two remaining goblins attack the party as they enter the station. After a brief exchange, the goblins withdraw to a storeroom, defended by a single bear trap. Cadoc, enraged, charges through a wall into the room the goblins were defending; this terrifies the goblins. One runs out the door into its own trap, and quickly dies; the other is frozen in fear. They tie up the last goblin and leave a note explaining the situation.

They continue to the ruins of Roscommon, arriving at dusk. They attempt to rest in a ruined house, successfully hunting a deer for food. At night, they are attacked by an owlbear, which comes to eat what remains of the deer; they kill it. Later that night, they are attacked by a small group of goblins, who attempt to smoke them out and collect parts of the owlbear; the party kill two goblins and capture a third by the name of Brekflik. They interrogate Brekflik, and learn that the guard station was discovered again by goblins before the Imperial guard.

On the morning of the fifth, the party take Brekflik in bondage with them to the hill to the south where the standing stones lie. They help the statue rebuild the portal they previously destroyed. After using Brekflik to test the portal, they enter, finding themselves in a pocket dimension containing only [[Garamona's tower]], a pond, and rolling green hills. They find Garamona within the tower, asleep and unwakeable. Cameron releases Brekflik, who leaves through the portal. They piece together that Garamona had been testing a sleep potion; using the notes, ingredients, and equipment in Garamona's study, they create and administer an antidote. Cameron also learns how to make a potion of sleep (and also how not to make it).

Cadoc, Cameron, and Reinhold each earned 433⅓ exp, for a party total of 1500 exp earned this session.

Party EXP level exp to next level
Cadoc 3 1408⅓ 1291⅔
Cameron 3 2128⅓ 571⅔
Conrad 3 1845 855
Reinhold 3 1933⅓ 766⅔


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